Power Pixel 2009

Collaboration with Miguel Chevalier

Miguel Chevalier mainly uses video projection to present his work. The main drawback of this equipment is its relatively weak brigthness : even the most powerful video projectors are still not suitable to function during daytime. So we created a special display, using LED technology, that enables works and installations to be shown in whatever environmental brightness.

Power Pixel 2009 is a tribute to the painters of the 50’s such as Jackson Pollock, Sam Francis, Pierre Soulages and is a continuation of Action Painting. A frame of colored pixels evolves on the LED display. The movement of the spectator passing by creates a trail of color that mixes and fuses with the « light painting », before fading slowly until the next passage of a visitor.

Power Pixel 2009 was exhibited at Galerie Geroges Verney-Carron in Lyon from December 2009 to February 2010.


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