LNLO is an electronic art and design lab based in MONACO whose two team members come from distinct but complementary disciplines :
Laurent Brun – electronic engeneering and game design
Helen Eastwood – fine art and interior design
Together they explore a cross-disciplinary artistic territory, producing work at the intersection of sculpture, image and digital performances, imagining large scale installations, made to measure to their chosen site, using various medias such as light (Led, video-projection…), sound and interactive processes. Their intention is to merge space, image and the amazing possibilities of the digital world, in order to emphasize and highlight our reality, the present moment, the present place, the fact of truly being, here and now. Their research is a poetic approach to today’s world, evasive, constantly moving, already almost virtual, with the help of technologies themselves also ever-changing and evolving.

Animated and interactive, often mysterious, always enlightened, their multimedia realisations captivate and capture, for a given time, the eye and the viewer. With their experiments standing at the intersection of art and science, they raise the question of our place in space and time.

LNLO – have been appointed Ambassador Artists of Lyon Light Festival since 2016