The Dream Re-Collection

Sound & Light Installation
by LNLO [helen eastwood & laurent brun]

Since always, pictural artists have tried to render dream-like states and visions, sensing their powerful potential for meaning and transcendence.
Dream art, in which visual impressions are intensified, brings together the intimate and the collective, the visible and the invisible, intuitions, memories, projections, fantasies, often approaching the prophetic and divine.

Huangjueping Graffiti Art Street, home of collective artistic memories and aspirations, awakens to a live ecstatic-aesthetic experience, giving us to witness a flow of pictural visions created from an accumulation of perceptions and images. The façade becomes like an outdoor museum showcasing a collection of imaginary and dream-like artworks.
Using Artificial Intelligence based on the functioning of neural network, we feed the façade with prompts and imagery of our “cultural history reality” resulting in a series of fantasy visions, full of familiar shapes and details, yet totally surreal and unique, and in constant creative process.
A visual journey, somewhere between narrative and abstract, colorful, inceptive, born from fragments of our own reality, where colors, shapes, patterns and words merge joyfully into an abyss of infinite possibilities.
Synchronized electronic music accompanies the dream for a fully immersive experience.

A fascinating voyage encouraging us all to express and give space to our dreams and visions, and reminding us that ALL – art, history, humanity, times, lives – IS INTER-CONNECTED and IN CONSTANT CREATIVE TRANSFORMATION.

« True liberation is an inner freedom of Creative Reality. It is not a gift; it is to be discovered and experienced. »
The First and Last Freedom by Krishnamurti.