Each stone of Jaffa‘s Gate is unique in its size, shape and texture. Yet, each one of them plays a vital role in the construction and cohesion of the Whole. LNLO play with this idea, starting from the texture of the Wall and its design, and proposing different compositions, slowly building up towards new imaginary, fancilful fragmentations, celebrating the strength of collective energy. The Old City Wall becomes a living entity, colorful and dynamic : stones and fragments, like so many individualities, seek to connect and unite their shapes, their colors, their movements, just as it is essential for us beings to unify our thoughts, our voices and our actions in order to build together a greater, richer, more joyful reality.
LNLO’s artwork is a research for perfect synchronization : music & visuals are intimately inter-connected, composed in unison.

An artwork by LNLO – Helen Eastwood & Laurent Brun
Music by Xavier Thiry

Unisson was first showcased at Lyon Light Festival 2017

JERUSALEM LIGHT FESTIVAL 2018 – Jaffa Gate – June 27th / July 5th 2018