Interactive Sound & Light Installation
by LNLO [helen eastwood & laurent brun]

Close your eyes, make a wish… and blow with all your heart ! 18 beautiful coloured orbs float above the station RER Cergy Préferecture, transforming the plaza into a field of scintillating bubbles lighting up as you blow on them.  LNLO believe in the magical powers of positive thinking : making a wish, having a dream, is already half a reality ! Wish Blow symbolises the power of our hopes and dreams. The longer you blow, the further the light travels, and the greater your chance of seeing your wish come true ! Will you have enough to light up all 18 orbs ? Wish Blow was first showcased at Lyon Light Festival 2018.

LUMIÈRES D’HIVER, CERGY PONTOISE, FRANCE, December 14th 2019 to January 2nd 2020
In collaboration with Anthony Heng – the end of things.