Light installation for the Société des Bains de Mer, pending the opening of new facilties on the famous « Place du Casino » in Monte-Carlo.

Daydream of couple wandering about in the principality of Monaco.

here starts the journey it’s just amazing this blue sky and this warm sun they just feel like having some cool resting time on the beach or they might just sit at the terrasse of the Café de Paris how wonderful would that be really strolling through the gardens could be another option though tonight they’ll have an exquisite dinner they’re thinking high gastronomy they’re thinking exceptionnal dishes and incredibly subtle beverages Louis XV maybe who knows she’ll probably feel like a queen and he loves it that way it’s always such a treat to come here kind of a magical place to be they’ll just want to stay forever and thinking about tonight they’ll want some fun time also music and bright lights passion and emotion some sparkling bubbles as well the night won’t go without them how about some little game to end it all happily spades clubs diamonds for sure and their hearts always go to Monte-Carlo.  Be Monte-Carlo…

MONACO – Place du Casino – 2010