Prana travels again and comes to materialize, regenerated, at the Gallery Georges Verney Carron.

Foundation and essence of all life, Prana is the sacred energy of the Universe, circulating in all which exists: mineral, plant, animal, human. This secret and cosmic energy, present from all times, we have forgotten how to see it. We absorb it by means of our breath, our lungs, through our skin, with all our senses, by the subtle channels which irrigate our body. But we have lost our awareness.
This installation calls the viewer to a pause. To observe. To feel. To see. To hear. To contemplate these crystalline particles of life and their eternal dance. To visualize their regenerative substance, droplets of light filling space and penetrating beings.

Prana now comes into shape and volume, with sound, into the space of the Gallery.
A cosmic Breath. A living Heart. Prana is the link which connects the material, physical world, to consciousness and soul.
Awakening to Prana, as an awakening to being, to the feeling of being alive and consciousness of existing, an invitation to meditation.

LYON, FRANCE – Galerie Georges Verney Carron – December 2013