UNTIT_LED / Collaboration David Renault, Mathieu Tremblin & LNLO

We created an advertisement billboard where the traditional LEDs are replaced by infrared LED. The signal produced by the panel is invisible to the human eye, but readable via the LCD screen of a camcorder, digital camera or mobile phone. The viewer is invited to decrypt the message that the LED screen broadcasts, and to appropriate it by capturing and sharing images. In this way, the work manifests itself differently according to the interpretation of the machine that is used as a receiver.
Once installed and activated , the Infrared LED Screen seems turned off. But when the public views the screen through a camera, the panel shows a message. This process calls the idea of « interface coding » and « technology opacity ».
Our first aim is to echo the advertising billboards in the city.
Several modules of the Infrared LED Screen spread out in urban space for a scripted pedestrian path. As in the movie « They Live » by John Carpenter, where aliens infiltrated the everyday reality in a subliminal way, the slogans of Infrared LED Screen (a collection of quotes from novels and fictions of anticipation) appear through the decryption of a « decoder » and develop a non-linear and fragmented story into immediate urban environment.